Welcome to Just Geek

Here I will be posting all the technical stuff. So if you are a technology enthusiast then you are at the right place.

Earlier, I had the domain Justgeek.net which was registered back in 2012 but nothing serious was thought about it, and eventually, I lost the domain.

I got back the domain in 2019. Even though the blog was created at the same time, nothing regularly was posted. This blog was deleted, migrated, and re-created a number of times.

It was only in 2022 that I was serious about Just Geek. This time I thought to start with a new domain and justgeek.io was registered and I started posting stuff regularly.

So here I will be posting:-

  • How to’s
  • Some common errors that people encounter on Linux, Android, IOS, Scripting, and all other machine-related stuff.
  • You will also find some guides which can help you improve your knowledge.
  • There are some common scripts posted as well which you can import into your environment.
  • And much moreā€¦

About Author

My Name Is Mohammed and I love technology. I am interested in all the things that run on electricity, well I am also interested in Cosmos but I won’t be posting anything about that on this blog :). I have been working for more than 12 years in Information Technology.

What is the mission of Just Geek?

I want to share all the little knowledge I have with the other people out there. If you think that the articles posted here are not enough and you want to contribute then you can always reach out to me using the contact page.


How to save the environment?

  • Switch off the button when your phone is 100% charged. Only removing the plug from the charger and not switching off the button will harm the environment.
  • Write on both sides of the paper, It will cut the usage by half.
  • Use electric vehicles.
  • Take your own cloth bag when you go out to buy groceries.
  • Plant trees ( It will never go out of the fashion)
  • Sit in the same room where your family is, so you don’t have to use extra fan / ac / lights.
  • Walk whenever you can.

    This list can go on but you know better what to do.

How to save Humanity?

  • Try to help whenever and wherever you can.
  • Don’t be happy when your enemy is dead.
  • Don’t try to harm others even if they have harmed you.
  • Do not wish bad for others.
  • Be friends with your neighbours.
  • Respect all religions.
  • Give back every single penny which you have borrowed, and return it even if the lender has forgotten.
  • Don’t expect anything in return when you help.
  • Be humble.

    These are only 0.00000000001% of the things you can do to save Humanity. But making sure that someone is not sad just because of your actions or words will cover up the rest 99.99999999999% of the things.

Someone said it right:

What you gift to the world is what you get back.

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