systemctl command examples

systemctl command examples

systemctl command is the central management tool for controlling the init system. It is widely used and has become the new standard for Linux distributions. Before you see some systemctl command examples, you can read more about systemd service and Units here Let’s start with learning some systemctl commands examples. To reboot the server To … Read more

Git command examples

git command examples

Before we see git command examples, let’s see what is Git. What is Git So basically GIT is the version control system, so let’s say you have multiple versions of the same file so GIT will help you in maintaining and saving those versions in LOG format. They were originally designed for coordinating work among … Read more

All about SNMP

Today we will see the simple network management protocol. We will see all about SNMP. It was developed in 1988 to monitor and remotely modify the changes on the devices and switches. It was initially developed for routers and switches but it extended to many things such as Linux, Windows, printers, etc. SNMP works on … Read more