LSOF command examples

Today we will see lsof command examples and practical usage of lsof command. Before that let’s see what’s lsof? Lsof command is a short form of listing open files.  It’s a utility on a Linux system that will list the information of the files that are currently in opened state or are opened by a … Read more

how to run fsck on linux

FSCK is the utility to check the filesystems for errors or outstanding issues. The tool is used to fix potential errors and generate reports. The Utility comes by default with Linux distributions. Let’s see how to run fsck on Linux There are multiple ways to do it. Let’s see all options Option 1 Before running … Read more

Shells in Linux.

If you are using the Linux command line that means you are using one of the Linux shells to type to those commands. Shells are very important in the Unix world. What exactly is Shell? You may consider Shell-like an Interpreter or transponder between the user and the kernel. It allows you to give commands … Read more