Git command examples

git command examples

Before we see git command examples, let’s see what is Git. What is Git So basically GIT is the version control system, so let’s say you have multiple versions of the same file so GIT will help you in maintaining and saving those versions in LOG format. They were originally designed for coordinating work among … Read more

What is PIP?

what is pip?

So here we will answer the most common question, what is PIP? So, basically, It is the standard package manager for python. It allows you to manage packages that do not come with a standard python library. You may have encountered the situation where you are writing a code and notice that it’s already written … Read more

Run a shell script using ansible

Run a shell script using ansible

So sometimes, it’s not just feasible to develop a whole playbook, Instead, you want to run a shell script using ansible on remote servers. The best approach to achieve this would be to create a script using ansible on a remote server. You can use the copy module in Ansible to create a file in … Read more